Why the “right” Voice is so important

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When it comes to Inspiration, Motivation, and a Willingness to Respond!

Written by Don Jessop @donjessop @dreamswithhorse

Justin Bieber is loved by millions and hated by millions. His popularity in undeniable.

Let me ask you this. If Justin said to you: “Hey, you want to be a millionaire? You can do it! All you got to do is believe?”

Would you believe? If you love him, you just might. If you don’t love him you’re more likely to think: “What the hell do you know? Punk!”

Cameron Diaz is a much-loved Hollywood actress. If she said to you: “Hey, you want to be skinny like me? You can do it, all you have to do buy my exercise routine!”

Would you buy it? If you love her, you absolutely would! If you hate her, you’ll say: “Why the hell, would I want to look like you? Bitch!”

The point is this: There are 7 things that grant someone the right to convince you of anything.

1. Authenticity — They’ve been where you want to go

2. Certainty — They’re carry no doubt in their body language or speech style

3. Energetic — They are enthusiastic about what they do

4. Distance — The closer to home they are the less influence they have over you. You could be neighbors with Tony Robbins and never listen to him like a man from Peru would.

5. Hygiene — They must be clean unless their message is “don’t look like me”

6. Dress Code — They must dress in a way that is congruent with you own desires.

7. Voice sound — They have to sound attractive and relatable to your personal preferences.

Let’s take a quick look at why millions love Justin and millions don’t.

He’s got 5 out of 7 working for him.

Is he authentic? Check — He is a millionaire!

Is he certain? Check — He’s bold and confidence in his speech style and body language

Is he energetic? Check — In spades!

Is he distant? Check — Social media brings him only virtually closer. He is quite untouchable to most fans!

Is his hygiene up to snuff? Check- He obviously brushes his teeth!

Is his dress code like yours? 50/50. Some love it, some hate it.

Is his voice just right for you? 50% say yes! 50% say no!

There you have it. He’s missing the last two. But the sad thing is, there is nothing he can do about. His voice will never reach certain audiences because those audiences don’t like it. He could change it, but would end up losing his other audience.

The point once again is this!

The voice matters.

When we create our Voice of Power messages to inspire, motivate or give someone a sense of certainty and peace. We dedicate hours to finding the right voice for each person!

A soft, soothing, sexy female voice with a New Zealand accent will have authority over millions of people unless you’re from New Zealand and you don’t want soft, soothing.

A brash, unapologetic Boston accent will motivate millions to jump up and move their body for fear of losing something else. Unless you’re from Boston and don’t need motivation!

We dedicate the time it takes to find the voices that will get through all your filters about how someone should look and sound.

With the Voice of Power messages, our whole purpose is to get you to buy into and act out of the best version of yourself! To believe that you are capable of anything you want! To believe that the future is better than right now!

Because each message is personal, each message is created with the voice that best suits your profile and style.

So, if you wonder sometimes why you are “stuck” in life. I’m willing to bet it’s because there is no-one around that has the “right” to help you! No-one around that has the authority to help with your circumstances. Even when people say the right things, we often reject their words of wisdom!

When we create your personal messages, you’ll be shocked! Astounded! Bewildered! And Amazed at what kind of drive your capable of! You’ll be organically ambitious toward what’s most important.

You need a voice in your life right now that you can trust AND believe AND respond to without hesitation!

Find it with Voice of Power

Goto: www.SendMeLife.com/voiceofpower/



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