How to get your RESOLVE

How to Get YOUR RESOLVE BACK! Don Jessop Breakthrough Guy

Resolve — -firm determination to do something.

Where does it come from?

If you wish you were anything, within the physical limitations of your body and mind, but you aren’t yet. Why not? Where is your resolve?

Maybe you are doing the right things and soon you will realize your “dream life”. Most likely you are NOT doing enough to realize your goals, because you don’t have “resolve.”

But, where is it? If you could have more resolve, would you buy it? Would you want to attain it? If resolve could be given, would you receive it? If it cost money to have it, but in return you we’re full of resolve, would you still want it?

I’ll tell you where your resolve has gone, but more importantly I’ll tell you today, how to get it back!

Your resolve has gone to distractions. We live in the age of “flash” media. (unsolicited flooding of sensation from multiple sources). However, some men and woman, who live in other places without such available distractions, still lack resolve. Why?

Because distraction is anywhere you want it. To have resolve; is to go against “easy street”, in pursuit of important dreams or passions.

Giving to fear… is a distraction. Giving to drugs… is a distraction. Giving to peer pressures… is a distraction. Giving to sloth and comfort is a distraction.
The men and women who have resolve, inspire us because they live beyond simple distractions and keep focused on the life they want. The men and woman who don’t have resolve give into distraction and they, disgust us.
Which kind of person are you? Are you an inspiration, or are you average?
I know the answer. You truly want to be an inspiration, because if you answered; average, you’re lying to yourself.

NO-ONE gives into fear and distraction without cause. Of course, you have your reasons for continually seeking comfort when resolve is needed. But I know the truth about you. You want to be the hero of your story!

I will help you get your resolve back in one step. Albeit, a large step… maybe a leap.

And here is your step.

Remember! — That’s it. REMEMBER!

A Paralympian “remembers” what they are fighting for. So can you! A millionaire driving for wealth remembers what he’s fighting for. So can you. A mother raising children remembers what she is fighting for. So can you.
Remember why you’re doing it. Remember why your goal or dream is important! Remember who it impacts!

Remember how you felt when you decided the first time to be more than average! Remember how it feels now, when you hate failing!

Remember the pain you’ve seen others face at the end of a life “un-lived” or lived in fear!

Remember the people who’ve bled and died to get you to where you are! (yes, it’s true, people did die for you. Remember your ancestors, remember your mother, your father, your nurse maid, your friends, or your mentors.)
Remember that someone, at some point cared enough about, you to see you through to this point in time. Maybe that someone was you! And all for what? So, you could live life on “easy street”? NO!

NO. They cared for you, so you could have at least one chance to live a life like a hero! And to live like a dreamer! And die with honor at any age!
Are you taking that chance given to you?

Read on

How does one remember so much, when distractions can keep… distracting us?

Answer: FEEL IT! Embrace an environment that makes each memory come alive for you.

The environment you choose will either support your goals or support your distractions.

If you choose a typical environment, you will face distractions tenfold compared to recollections of driving memories.

If you choose the life of a hero, you will face pain, but you will also face the greatest joy you will ever know.

STOP trying not to “feel” the memories. STOP allowing distractions to take you down easy street!

I can help you… if you’re hungry enough! But, if it’s just another distraction you’re looking for, I’m afraid you won’t find it here.

I promote heroism!

I promote life with resolve!

I call you now to look deeper.

Find out how we can give you the environment that will help remember your resolve.
Go to:

Thanks again.
Don Jessop — the breakthrough guy



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