Fear and other four letter words

Don’t worry, no profanity here. Just want to grab your attention and hold it for 37 seconds. Start counting.

Fear is okay. (‘Okay” is also a four letter word)

Its okay to feel fear. (‘Feel’ is a four letter word too)

Fear is normal and everyone experiences it. What’s not normal is… when you feel fear and choose to sit on the couch watching a movie or any other version of the world going by, instead of doing what you really want, because when you see the fear, you tend to see the whole bad picture all at once.

Life experiences should be tasted and chewed on, not swallowed whole. As yummy as apple pie sounds, can you imagine trying to eat the whole pie without tasting it and chewing smaller bites? Nobody does that. But with fear, when it comes to our big dreams and favorite pastimes, that’s exactly what we try to do. We try to do the whole experience. Stop doing that! With that image in mind, you should be able to do a small piece of what you want right away, in spite of the fear.

If you’re a horseback rider with fear, don’t ride, go lean over his or her back from the mounting block for a week or so and enjoy that small bite. Savor it, taste it, remember it, for heaven’s sake, don’t ride off into the sunset yet. If you’re a public speaker with fear, don’t schedule a big event, do a live video on Facebook and don’t tell anyone, rebuild your confidence in small organic bites. If you’re a writer who doesn’t write because the thought of a new book is overwhelming, don’t write a new book. Write a blog post. One day, your piled up blog posts will be a book in the making.

Bottom line. Feel the fear and do it anyway. Do a small part of it. Taste it. Chew it. Live it. Love it.

(‘Live’ and ‘love’ are also four letter words)

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“Take just one bite at a time, okay….” — Don Jessop, Mastery Horsemanship

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