5 Reasons You Need Motivation Right Now! Don Jessop Breakthrough Guy

Don JessopBreakthroughGuy
5 min readMar 28, 2017
5 Reasons You Need Motivation Right Now! Don Jessop Breakthrough Guy

You’re how old? How much time do you think you have before next year is here?

Let’s just say your 18. You have all the time in the world to become a millionaire (pretend that’s your goal).

You’ve got about 50 working years to figure it out! Let’s face the odds here. People on average take 20 years of hard core disciplined actions to reach millionaire status. Obviously, some do it sooner and later. But if you just go by averages you will be 38 before you reach your millionaire goal. But wait, don’t forget about college. You’re going to lose money for the next 5 years. That makes you 44 when you reach your goal.

But wait! You want to party first. Life is short man, have some fun! How about 2–4 years of party time. Now you’re 47 before you reach your goal.
Wait! What about your family! You’re not just going to abandon them to go after what you want are you? You should raise some kids first. That only takes 20 years per kid. Let’s say you have 2 and you keep them close in age so they can enjoy each other as they grow! That will make you 67 before you reach your goal. OUCH! Screw it! Who wants to be a millionaire anyway?
Maybe you’ll catch a lucky break. Land a job that will satisfy your money goals and your passions.

Statistically you will not find this job! You may, I won’t ever say you won’t for sure! But I am saying this! If you don’t get off your ass now! And put your head into the game, you will lose the game! You will not reach your goal of millionaire! Unless you focus now! GET MOTIVATED!

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2. You’re how poor? How long can you keep this up?

Have you ever seen the story of the broken little backyard kid from the shittiest part of town breaking through the worst kind of luck and ultimately proofing to everybody that circumstances can’t keep a good man down? Have you see stories like that? I have. They are inspiring! Are you that kid? Do you feel like you’ve got the kind of drive you need to break out of poverty?

I hope so! If you don’t you’ve got to get after it! Time is running out! How long can you feed yourself (and maybe a family) with the job you currently have? How long before your loved ones aren’t around anymore because you couldn’t provide them with their basic needs?

There are two basic needs. Survival needs (food) and Thriving needs (emotional enrichment). If you can’t afford to provide either, you better get off your ass and find some work. If you can afford one but not the other, you better get off your ass and find some better work! Life isn’t just about surviving. You need energy to live it well! You need purpose! You need drive! You need goals!

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3. You’re alone! Or worse… not alone and miserable! Uh-oh. How long to want to carry this on for?

A happy relationship is not a survival need. You can live without it for your entire life.

However, is that what you want? Do you want to be miserable or be alone? If you don’t want to be alone and miserable then you’ve got to go “hunting” right away! Hunting for a mate that is! I’m not suggesting you jump at every opportunity you see. Especially if you’re in a relationship. I’m suggesting you dedicate time right now to prioritize a list of appreciable characteristics in a mate. Then start searching. Each year that goes by leads to another and before you know it you are 54 years old with no long-term relationships in your history or your future! OUCH

Get going! Don’t be afraid of getting hurt! Of course, you’ll get hurt! Everybody gets hurt! So, what, you heal, you get over it. Life is about sharing with people. Unless you don’t want to then, shit… Why are you still reading this?

4. You’re tired! So, what! That doesn’t mean you can’t keep going!

At the end of a day, do you sit back, relax and watch TV? If you answered yes, you definitely need motivation. And here is why! The average American watches 5–7 hours of television every day. (studies vary in statistics)

When you do the math, you’ll see that is more than 1/3 of a person’s waking life. Maybe you aren’t the TV addict and you only watch 2 hours. Even so, when we do the math, that equates to 1/8 of your waking life! Isn’t there some goal you have? Didn’t you want to do something with your life? Is that really possible when ½ of your waking life is work, 1/8 of your waking life is eating, 1/16 of your waking life is hygiene related, 1/8 of your life is driving in the car, and another 1/16 is eaten up on the phone. Leaving just 1/8 of your waking life for something else. In your case… it’s TV! You need motivation right now! You need focus right now!

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5. You’re afraid! Yes, me too! There is a way to act in spite of it. It’s called courage!

In our teen age years, we are afraid of social pressures but most of make it through with little other concerns. In our twenties, we stress about money, but find a job and figure it out. In our thirties, we stress about marriage and career choices. Forties and fifties, declining energy and drive. Sixties and seventies, health. Eighties and nineties, time!

There is no way to reverse the math. However, the most successful people in the world find a way to remember the value of all those things early on and keep track of them through the rest of their lives.

One of the keys to keeping track is taking an honest look at where you are and where you want to be. If habitually, you lack money, it’s because you are afraid to do what it takes. If you habitually lack relationships, it’s because you are afraid! If you habitually lack time, it’s because you are afraid to change your priorities. If you habitually lack passion, it’s because you are afraid to put yourself out there!

All fear can be overcome! Not destroyed, just overcome! Fear resides in the best performers of all time in any industry! Don’t let it control you!

Learn to act courageous in the face of fear!

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